Sacred Business Training 101 Starting Jan. 18, 2017

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$5 Faery Readings

2017 is upon us! To celebrate this, and the re-launch of my business, I am offering up $5 Faery Readings. This is a one card oracle reading from whichever Faery deck I am guided to use.

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Return to Avalon is owned and operated by Candace Robinson, a Self Awareness Coach, Crystal Healer and Fairyologist, based in the Portland Oregon area.

My Story

I’m a thirty something married mother of two. For several years I ran my own business as a freelance publicist but in 2014 something shifted in me. I began to wake up and I knew I had a much bigger purpose in life. I continued running my business but took many classes on the side. I took up regular meditation and got to know my spirit guides and guardians. I learned how to connect with my higher self and strengthened my intuition.  In 2015 I took a Crystal Healing course and in 2016 I took the Fairyologist course with Doreen Virtue. I’ve also taken the Becoming Your Higher Self course with Heather Alice Shea. I’ve trained with experienced intuitives and psychics and done many webinars and classes. I’m a learning junkie and am always learning new things!

I work with Nature Spirits (Fairies and Elementals), Dragons, Angels, Unicorns, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Love and Light that choose to come through at that time.

My sessions include oracle readings, channeled messages, intuitive readings, energy readings and coaching. Every session is different and depends on the situation.


I grew up in an extremely religious family. We weren’t allowed to have friends outside of the church (for the most part), wear makeup, cut our hair, listen to music, watch TV and many other things. I struggled with self confidence issues my whole life but it got extremely worse once I had children. Once I woke up to my purpose I immediately started working on myself. Building my confidence levels and learning how to fall in love with myself. I firmly believe that we must love ourselves in order to ever achieve a happy and fulfilled life. Through my journey I have discovered that my purpose is to help other women find that within themselves as well so they can achieve their own mission and purpose in this lifetime.

I specialize in working with women from religious backgrounds that struggle to find their own self worth and purpose. But I work with women of all walks of life and struggles. If you are drawn to working with me please check out my services.

Please reach out to me at or find me on instagram @returntoavalon or Facebook/returntoavalon.



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