Ethics & Policies

Vibrational Crystal Healing (a form of energy healing), Tarot, Oracle, Sound Healing, Essential Oils and any other service I offer are not a substitute for medical treatment in any way, at any time. Please consult a medical doctor if you are experiencing disease or health concerns. Crystal Healing, Tarot, Essential Oils and any other support I offer are for emotional & holistic support only. It is never to take the place of medical treatment.

All sessions are clothes on, with the exception of shoes, if in-person. Vibrational Crystal Healing does not include massage of any kind.

Coaching sessions are support only. If you have a severe emotional imbalance you are urged to visit a licensed physician.

When using essential oils, I do NOT recommend ingesting any of them, for any reason. When using topically make sure to dilute properly and make sure it’s safe (some aren’t).

My purpose, at all times, is to assist in helping others to discover how to help themselves in a holistic and natural way. This is never to take the place of visiting a doctor or taking medical advice.

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