Faery Coaching Sessions

Faery Coaching

Have you lost your sense of joy? Your connection with your inner self? Your ability to live in a state of happiness? Do you feel incomplete and like there’s more to this life of yours that you’re just not grasping?

Do you desire:

Inspiration in your life.

Connection with Faeries & your Spirit Guides.

Healing in natural ways and through the Faeries.

Manifesting in joyful and fun ways. 

Connecting with your own intuition and deep knowing. 

Knowing who you truly are and what your highest purpose may be. 

To actively work to heal the earth and raise the vibration of yourself & those around you. 

The Faeries want to help you, teach you and work with you!

If you are on this page now it means that the Faeries have sent you! They are eager to work with you and are anxious for you to ‘hear’ what they have to say!

How I Work With Clients:

My sessions may include any of the following:

  • Faery reading w/ oracle cards
  • Channeled messages from the Faeries & Elementals and/or any beings that come through for you that are of light and are for your highest and best good.
  • Intuitive & energy readings

And everyone receives coaching so you know what exactly to do with the information you get.

Every session is different and tailored to your needs and to what Spirit guides us to.


The sessions are done in a video and is 30-45 minutes. Once completed we can chat via email or google chat. The reading in it’s entirety is about an hour. (I do the energy reading and channeled message prior to the card reading and video.)

Energy Exchange:

A session with me is $97.

Once paid, please email me at returntoavalonhealing(at)gmail(dot)com to make sure I have received the payment. In that email please tell me the following:

    • Your name
    • Any questions, problems or things you are specifically working on.

Faery Coaching

All information shared with me is confidential and will not be shared elsewhere unless you have threatened to harm yourself or others. I cannot give medical or legal advice. You must be over 18 to book a session.

Please email me at returntoavalonhealing(at)gmail.com with any questions.

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