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Do you have, or do you want to start, a Soul Centered Sacred Business? Maybe you make crystal jewelry, or are a yoga teacher. Maybe you create sacred geometry art or conduct card readings or holistic card counseling services. Are you struggling with your foundation, with the stability of your business? Or are you wishing for a strong support system, business training and mentors? If these are hitting a cord with you, you may be interested in joining my team.

Are you looking for some certifications, workshops and training? Looking to learn more about Holistic Tarot and/or Vibrational Crystal Healing? Are you looking for some self care workshops and workshops to further your knowledge? If you answered yes to any of that you may be interested in joining my team.

And last, but not least, are you interested in essential oils, in holistic health and self healing? If so, you may be interested in joining my team.

Some things you DON’T have to worry about when you join my team:

Skeezy sales techniques. No need to conduct parties or put out that ‘sales’ vibe.

Competition. We are a TEAM. We work together, sharing business advice, and just supporting each other in everything. Working together helps us all.

Maybe you’ve been part of an MLM before and you’re not a fan. One big thing to note is that we are different. Blossoms United was started by Dr. Aly, who vowed to change the business through our team, and how things are done. She created a team that doesn’t rely on parties, sales techniques or anything (at all!) that you may be uncomfortable with. All that you need to do is share your own experiences and excitement, put work into your business page and social media accounts and dedicate your time (however much you wish) to building your business. We don’t rely solely on essential oils in our business (unless that’s what you want!), we build a business based on our own interests and ideals. We have yoga teachers, jewelry makers, self love/self awareness coaches and coaches for many different aspects of life. Joining the team (whether you know your own direction or not) will help you in building your sacred business. It’s one aspect of a bigger picture. Laying that foundation helps all the other pieces fall into place.

Some of the things you get when you join Avalon Blossoms and Blossoms United:

  • Access to our Crystal Healing and Holistic Tarot Certification courses (a $530 value) – With a 100pv or more order.
  • Access to our Journey to Self Healing & Self Discovery course (a $49 value)
  • Access to our 21 Day Smart Start course (to get your DoTerra and sacred business off on the right foot) – You only have to join for $35 to get this!
  • Access to any future certification courses we will offer -As long as you put in a 100pv or more order, other requirements may be in place
  • Access to our Mediumship & Psychic Support group
  • Free Sacred Business training (for soul centered & spiritual entrepreneurs and healers)
  • Free workshops
  • Free courses
  • A supportive, educated and uplifting tribe
  • Wholesale prices on essential oils
  • Opportunity to create your own healing business

Bonus for December and January:

🌿FREE WORKSHOP! Essential oils and crystals for spells and magick!

🔮This 3 day workshop will be held via Facebook and will start the beginning of February.
🔮It will cover: what spells are and how magick works, different ways to use crystals and oils for spells, lists of oils and crystals for three different types of magick (protection/banishing, love and prosperity) and will include a live tutorial on mixing a magickal oil blend and doing a simple candle spell.
🔮This free workshop is available to anyone who joins my team during the months of December and January, and places a 100pv order. This will qualify you for both Certification courses (and our other courses) as well as this free spell workshop.

My personal team members get everything above plus:

  • 40% off any of my services
  • Access to any courses or programs that I may offer for free or deeply discounted

What is Avalon Blossoms, Moon Blossoms and Blossoms United?

Avalon Blossoms is my personal DōTerra team, Moon Blossoms is the team above us and Blossoms United is the team we are all apart of. But we are much more than that! We are a team of passionate, soul centered entrepreneurs, sacred business owners and healers. We are all about helping to spread education, healing and light and so not about the traditional (sometimes yucky) direct sales approach. DōTerra just happens to be one piece of what we do.

What can I actually do as part of this tribe?

1.) Be Your Own Self-Healer and learn to how to use holistic tools to dedicate your time and knowledge to improving your own health and wellness, and how to share your self-healing knowledge with your family and friends. If this is your goal, you may want to enroll into a free Blossoms United Course, so you can learn even more about how you can help yourself on your healing journey. With this option, you are not looking to build a business, but instead use our team as a community for self-healing and support, and a way to connect with like-minded individuals, who have walked your walk!

2.) Be A Public Healer who works online and/or within their community as a Certified Holistic Healing Practitioner (i.e. creating your own holistic business). In order to be a Blossom Healer, you will want to enroll in one of the Blossoms United Courses and obtain your Certification. (Currently offering Crystal Healing and Holistic Tarot). A certificate will allow you to work with the public as a Certified Holistic Healing Practitioner (in your healing modality of choice, based on the course(s) you choose to complete) and be a source of knowledge and support to others, who are looking for alternative health and wellness options!

3.) Be A Tribe Leader who is dedicated to building their Sacred Business by sharing our Blossoms United Opportunity and FREE education with the World! Blossom Leaders are often Holistic Healing Practitioners who have decided to dedicate their careers to Holistic Healing Education, while building their rank within our beautiful team and DōTerra. You will be working as a Leader and Sacred Business Mentor while earning beautiful residual income!


How do I become part of this amazing tribe and what’s expected of me?

It’s $35 to join Avalon Blossoms (and Blossoms United) as a Wellness Advocate with DōTerra (plus a few dollars for shipping, in order to receive your introductory packet). You will gain a ton of knowledge and support. NO, this isn’t too good to be true! (You must spend 100PV or more to gain access to the certification courses and loads of free material/workshops.)

Once you join, absolutely NOTHING is expected of you. We have poured value into this team, and you are welcome to take from it what is of value to you, and leave what isn’t! It’s not my goal to mold you into anything for my benefit. It is my goal to empower you and support you while you chase your own dreams, whether they are personal or business! Your joy and your success is what I want out of the experience you gain from joining my team. That’s it, my dear! DōTerra is simply a stream of income that comes naturally to me as I work as a Healer and Educator that allows me with the financial support that I need in order to give and do more!


What’s the catch?

There’s absolutely no catch!

DōTerra does not require you to purchase anything. But to join my team, you do need to at least order the Intro Packet as a Wellness Advocate. You don’t have to purchase any oils or anything, unless you want to as you need it. That is 100% your call! You do not need to place a monthly order for anything (although the optional loyalty rewards program is pretty amazing). It’s important to note though, that if you decide to be a leader within DōTerra and want to earn a residual income, a monthly LRP order of 100pv is required. And if you want to take the certification courses  you must make a 100PV order upon signing up.

There is a yearly renewal fee to keep your membership and that is $25. When you renew, you stay part of Blossoms United, you keep your DōTerra Wholesale Member Account, and DōTerra rewards you for renewing by sending you a free bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil! This oil retails for about $27! Not a bad deal if you ask me!


What does the $35 intro packet get me?

 The $35 (plus shipping) gets you a key to our training website, my one on one mentoring, your free courses of choice, the additional support and training that I offer to my team members through my site and through Facebook Workshops, and you become a part of the Avalon Blossoms and Blossoms United Community! Plus, you get your 25% off discount for any of the products that you order through your DōTerra account, and you get a free DōTerra website!

Basically, when you know the direction that you want to take within our team (Self-Healer, Public Healer, or Team Leader), you have everything you need to take off running!

Additionally, if someone joins your team in the future, they also become part of the Moon Blossoms and Blossoms United Teams, and they get the same access to everything that I have given you! This is to help you both build your businesses and it helps to spread Holistic Healing Education with people who need it!

So, there’s no other costs?

As far as DōTerra goes, no, there are no other costs. While our tribes, Avalon Blossoms and Blossoms United, do provide TONS of valuable and FREE content, there is an additional cost for the certification courses we offer. I prefer to look at this as more of an investment in yourself and your healing than an actual “cost”. In order to gain access to our certification courses, you must place at least a one-time order of 100pv or more. You can use this order to purchase your oils for the certification courses, or anything else your little heart desires.

This all sounds absolutely amazing! How do I sign up?

Just head on over to my DōTerra website and join as a Wellness Advocate! Once I get the email from DōTerra saying you’ve joined, I will send you a welcome email with all of the information you need to access our training site, group page and course info! You are also invited to email me at returntoavalonhealing(at)gmail(dot)com to introduce yourself.

Disclaimer: My Team Business Training and Courses are in no way affiliated with Doterra.

I reserve the right to terminate a downline student/team member from any private course/training, group or community, at anytime, for any reason. Certification is not guaranteed (you must pass with an 80% or higher), and a new team member must apply and be accepted in order to gain access to our courses and training programs. In other words, if I or my team leader that you are applying under doesn’t believe that you are a good fit for our courses, community, or team culture, we are not required to grant you access or continued access to our team site or any of our private team training or intellectual material, regardless if you have joined our Doterra down line.
The $35 (plus shipping) that you spend to join Doterra under us purchases your Doterra membership as a Wellness Advocate, making you a Doterra Wholesale Member, which is entirely separate from anything I offer through Return to Avalon or through the Blossoms United training programs. Becoming a Blossoms United student/team member of our community and culture is a gifted privilege, not a right.
These terms are firm, and we reserve the right to edit these terms at any time, and protect our intellectual property, legal copyright, images and media, business model, team member privacy and free team education privileges.
– Candace


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