Sacred Business Training 101

I am absolutely pleased as punch to offer this amazing workshop, Sacred Business Training 101, to all of you!

After a full day of preparing this, I got clear divine guidance that I am to tell you, remind you (because you knew already, you know you need to do this), that the time is now. You are meant to hold the light on earth. To ground the light to raise the vibration, awareness and consciousness in this important time. I was guided to do this class (it came to me during the night with details that were clear!) because so many of YOU need this help, this support and knowledge, at this time. And I am here for you! Creating a Sacred business is overwhelming and a lot of work. I am stepping up to help you step into your very important role.

When I started my Sacred Business I felt alone and unsure of what steps to take to put myself out there. Despite the fact that my background is in freelance publicity and social media marketing, I felt alone and overwhelmed. It’s hard enough in this field, but putting ourselves out there like this, it’s hard. And doing it all alone really hit the core of my insecurities. At first I wanted to be like all those famous spiritual people (Doreen Virtue, Gabby Bernstein, Louise Hay, and many, many others). Their perfect websites, perfect videos, millions of followers. But then I realized, I need to be true and authentic to myself and I am not perfect. I have learning curves and struggles. And things don’t come easy all the time. And that’s okay. As long as we are ourselves, true and authentic selves, then we are doing the right thing. And in fact all those people started out small time, we don’t magically hit it big in a blink of an eye. It takes time and lots of work! But, it’s not about that. It’s about living our purposes and holding the light, raising the vibration, and doing what we need to at this time.

In this workshop I am going to help you build a business that is authentic to you. Where you don’t have to feel perfect. Where you know it’s okay to have only a few followers, not the most perfect photos and that things are okay when there are ups and downs. Because that’s our journey and how we come to share our story and help others. Like I am doing right now! After nearly two years my business finally hit flow (I’ll explain that later!) and now I want to teach you so you can hit that sweet spot, a little faster than I did!

You may be interested if:

  • You are wanting to start a Sacred Business (on a budget) but don’t know where to start.
  • You already have a Sacred Business but feel like it could use a boost.
  • You feel lost when it comes to social media and could use some guidance, tips and tricks.
  • You are looking for a foundation, structure and support system (I will tell you all about how to get this!)

This workshop includes information about the very basics of getting started, such as what platform you may want to have your website on, and how to set up social media accounts, to more detailed tips and tricks to growing a following, building connections and creating your very own tribe.

This Free Sacred Business Training 101 includes:

  • Getting Your Business Started!

    • Branding yourself
    • Choosing your topics, business name and platform
  • Goals of Social Media

    • Draw traffic to your website
    • Visibility that draws in the ideal client
    • Be natural, be you, be authentic
    • Develop relationships
  • Instagram

    • Why it is the #1 spot to be
    • Creating beautiful and valuable content
    • Getting followers, fast and effectively
  • Facebook

    • Importance of your presence
    • Using groups to your advantage
  • Twitter

    • Engage with like-minded folks
    • Using tags effectively
  • Building a Tribe and Community that serve you

    • Laying a foundation
    • Structure
    • Support
    • Community

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