“Candace did a reading for me from 3,000 miles away and the result was amazing. The cards were spot on and her intuitive sense helped to decipher exactly what message the cards held for ME. Her reading was in-depth and her explanations were exact. I can not thank her enough for her guidance and the reading that she gave.” – Jennifer

“I have been fortunate enough to have done several reading with Candace using a variety of decks. The readings usually make sense to me and when they don’t Candace is able to help me understand the meaning. She is very open, friendly and I trust her completely.” – Autumn

“returntoavalon’s reading rang so true for me. I’m amazed at the amount of detail and insight she was able to provide with just one card and one short paragraph! I really needed to hear the message I received, and it definitely helped me on my path to healing. Thank you!” MoodyThursday

Do you struggle with finding your happy place, your sense of joy?

✨Are you seeking some clarity? Unsure of where to focus your energy at the moment?

🦄 For first time clients I am offering up $19 Faery readings! One card and the information the Faeries give me for you. This comes with a strong message and action plan. This is an
amazing value!

💖Alexis says “This was the best money I spent all year! This reading makes me feel hopeful and I was able to easily connect with your message for me. I would definitely like to do another reading with you. Again, thanks again I am feeling hopeful for this upcoming year now thanks to you!” 💖

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Faery Coaching

Have you lost your sense of joy? Your connection with your inner self? Your ability to live in a state of happiness? Do you feel incomplete and like there’s more to this life of yours that you’re just not grasping?

The Faeries are here to help us to find our joy, our creativity, our inner peace and our sense of purpose. Through a coaching session get a channeled message, oracle/tarot reading, energy reading and a clear action plan through coaching.

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Reclaim your Spirit and live the life you were meant to live and experience the things you most desire.

Spirit Reclaiming is for women from religious or strict home upbringings who are ready to step outside that and on their own two feet, developing their own belief systems and finding the strength within them to form the future they wish for.

It is within your power to live the life you most desire.

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