Spirit Reclaiming Coaching

Spirit Reclaiming

Reclaim your Spirit and live the life you were meant to live and experience the things you most desire.

Spirit Reclaiming is for women from religious or strict home upbringings who are ready to step outside that and on their own two feet, developing their own belief systems and finding the strength within them to form the future they wish for.

It is within your power to live the life you most desire.

This is a coaching program that helps move you forward by coaching you on re-training your brain and the things you’ve had drilled into you your entire life. Clean out those thoughts and replace them with thoughts that serve you and bring you to your highest and best self.

I am a Spiritual Guide and Self Awareness coach. I use affirmations, mirror work, gratitude and journaling in my coaching program. As we move forward, based on your comfort zone, we can move into the more spiritual aspects. If you are uncomfortable bringing in those aspects that is okay. This is a step by step program and as you progress you will find yourself opening up to new possibilities. You do have a built in support system and they are eager to reach you, comfort you and guide you. When you are ready I will walk you through the steps of meeting these Spirit Guides and Angels.

My name is Candace and I grew up in a strict religious home. We had no TV, no radio. We weren’t allowed to have friends outside of the church. We weren’t allowed to wear makeup or cut our hair. Adult women are expected to wear dresses only. I had these beliefs drilled into my brain until I was an adult. And despite having never believed the way they did, it was hard to disregard everything I was ever taught. It wasn’t until I was 33 that I suddenly found my way, even though I hadn’t attended church on my own as an adult. I know the struggle you have. I know that it’s hard to leave behind all you know, the people you know, the lifestyle you know. But if it doesn’t serve you, you deserve so much better. I am here for you and I will provide you with a support system you can rely on and know that it comes from a place of authenticity and sincerity.

I encourage you to book a Discovery Session today. No matter where you are on this path I can help you find your next steps, to heal and to find the best self inside you.

A Discovery Session is a chat (email, messenger, whatever works best) to discuss what you are looking for in guidance and to see if I’m a good fit. Please email me at returntoavalonhealing(at)gmail.com
One full session is one hour. It includes an email to set things up where you answer some questions so I have the basics of where you are. If we did a discovery session this may not be necessary. The one hour is dedicated to a phone coaching session. If you prefer to do it through email or chat, that is fine. The one hour session is $85. Once you pay please email me at returntoavalonhealing(at)gmail.com

Coaching Program:

To get lasting results and stay on this path of growth I recommend monthly sessions with me where we can stay in contact and you can continue to receive the coaching and guidance you need through each step. I offer this in three month increments, so you get three months of coaching with additional benefits. Participating in the coaching program will offer you support through your ups and downs and give you clarity and strength as well as specific guidance on how to work through things.

This program offers the following:

  • Monthly one hour phone sessions with me. ($255 value)
  • Weekly videos with coaching, teaching and other bonuses, depending on what I see clients are most needing. ($888 value)
  • Entry into a private Facebook group with others in the program who are on this journey of finding their own way after being in a strict and/or religious home. (Invaluable as it provides a space to make friends and have a constant support system.)

Three months of coaching is valued at $1,143 but I’m pricing it at only $597 for the moment.

Pay the total up front ($597).

Spread the cost out over the three months at $199 per month.

Spirit Reclaiming Coaching Program


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