Vibrational Crystal Healing Certification Course

Become a Certified Vibrational Crystal Healer

And practice Crystal Healing in your own Spiritual Business or for your Self Healing Journey

The Online Certification Course Includes:

-Self Paced Online Course, with PDF Print Function and Free Business Materials
-Printable Certification (and awards if earned)
-The ability to use the suffix “CCH” at the end of your name. (Example: Candace Robinson, CCH)
-Online support during your studies

Course Curriculum:

(Includes awesome bonus Holistic Coaching lesson segments and material!):

Introduction, Preparation and Required Materials
Week 1, Lesson 1- What is Vibrational Crystal Healingcrystal healing, essential oils
Week 1, Lesson 2- Filling Your Cup, First
Week 1, Lesson 3- Your Etheric Body/Aura
Week 1, Lesson 4- Your Chakra System, Basic and Advanced
Week 1, Lesson 5- Your Road Map to Wellness
Week 2, Lesson 1- All About Crystals
Week 2, Lesson 2: Crystals by Color
Week 2, Lesson 3- Crystal Care, Re-tuning, Charging and Programming
Week 2, Lesson 4- Crystal Healing Basics
Week 2, Lesson 5- Advanced Healing Crystal Properties
Week 3, Lesson 1- Measuring and Clearing The Chakras with a Pendulum or Wand
Week 3, Lesson 2- Basic Chakra Balancing Layout, Self-Healing Session
Week 4, Lesson 1- Basic Chakra Balancing Layout for a Client Session
Week 4, Lesson 2- Crystal Grid Basics
Week 4, Lesson 3: Advanced Crystal Grids
Week 4, Lesson 4: Gem Water Basics
Week 4, Lesson 5: Advanced Crystal Elixirs
Week 5, Lesson 1- Shield of Protection Body Grid/Layout
Week 5, Lesson 2- Calm Mind Layout
Week 5, Lesson 3- Healthy Legs Layout
Week 5, Lesson 4- Energy Boost Body Grid/Layout
Week 5, Lesson 5- MISC. Additional Crystal Types and Crystal Placements
Week 5, Lesson 6- Preparing to Give a Professional Crystal Healing Session
Week 6, Lesson 1- What are Doterra Essential Oils?
Week 7, Lesson 1- Getting to know your Essential Oil books!
Week 7, Lesson 2- How-to Choose Essential Oils for Balancing the Chakras
Week 7, Lesson 3- How to Clear and Balance the Chakras, Using Essential Oils
Week 8, Lesson 1: Expanding your Intuition
Week 8, Lesson 2: Sound Healing
Week 8, Lesson 3: Distance Healing with Crystals
Week 8, Lesson 4: The Word “Healer”, Some Food for Thought
Week 9, Lesson 1- The Nature of Holistic Counseling and Coaching
Week 9, Lesson 2- How-to Effectively Walk A Client Through Discovering & Solving Their Problems, Using the Basic Chakra System
Week 9, Lesson 3- Things to Instill in Your Clients and in Yourself
Week 9, Lesson 4- Legally Protected Titles and Words
Week 9, Lesson 5- Insurance and Setting Your Rates
Week 10, Final Lesson- Conducting a Holistic Healing/Coaching Session

***Once you begin your course, you have up to six months to complete it to obtain your certification. If you go over the six month time period, you will be asked to start your course over, so that you can effectively retain the material within the course lessons.***

Suggested Course Materials:crystal healing grid

The Crystal Healer, by Phillip Permutt
Modern Essentials, by Aroma Tools
Emotions and Essential Oils
Vibrational Medicine, by Richard Gerber
(I recommend going through your local independent bookstore to order (if not in stock) and support your local economy, not to mention, it may be the perfect opportunity to share what you do! However, not all books will be available through an independent bookstore and you’ll need to order those online.)

-A Quartz Crystal Pendulum on a solid chain, or a Clear Quartz Wand (long and thin)
-A Complete Chakra/Crystal Healing Set Including:
clear quartz, amethyst, blue lace agate, rose quartz, green aventurine, citrine, orange carnelian, red jasper, smoky quartz, black tourmaline

My “Essential 4” Doterra Essential Oils:
-Breathe (or Peppermint)
-Serenity (or Lavender)
-Citrus Bliss (or Wild Orange/Lemon)
-Balance (or White Fir/Frankincense)

Price for Blossoms United and Team Avalon Blossoms= FREE (after the $35 fee to join my Doterra Team and at least 100PV order placed.)

Price for public students (DoTerra team enrollment not required) is $350.

To purchase as a public student ($350) click here! (Click ‘Online Courses’ once on the site.)

Requirement for Free Enrollment of this Certification Course:

You must be registered as a Doterra Wellness Advocate under, Candace Robinson, Return to Avalon, Team Avalon Blossoms ID #: 3927673 and make a purchase of 100PV or more (which is about $140 or so, depending on the items).

Join my team!

Details of costs and fees:

Wholesale Membership:
dōTERRA offers product through a yearly wholesale membership. For a low membership fee of $35.00, a Wellness Advocate will receive the following benefits:

  1. Purchase products at wholesale prices 25% below retail prices.
  2. Earn free product purchase credits in the Loyalty Rewards program.
  3. Own your own personalized web shopping site (no monthly fee) to which you can refer your personal customers and receive retail bonuses.
  4. Sponsor new consultants and receive generous bonuses on their sales and on the sales of consultants they sponsor.
  5. Access to your own personalized business management web site with no monthly fee.
  6. Other special product promotions and discounts.
  7. Free access to our Blossoms United certification courses, workshops and training. (Remember, must make a purchase of 100PV or more)
  8. Free or reduced prices to courses I do.
  9. Access to Facebook Groups with loads of business training

Renewal Fee:
After becoming a Wellness Advocate, the yearly renewal fee for a wholesale membership is $25.00. This renewal fee comes with a free bottle of Peppermint, one of the most popular oils dōTERRA offers, a retail value of $27.33.

Note- dōTERRA does not required to renew your membership after the first year, however, if you would like to stay part of Team Avalon Blossoms & Blossoms United (and receiving all of the free training and courses), staying active in dōTERRA and renewing your membership as a Wellness Advocate is a requirement.

Ready to Enroll? Here is the link to join my team:  

As soon as I get your registration confirmation, I will get you registered for your FREE certification course!

Disclaimer: My Team Business Training and Courses are in no way affiliated with Doterra.

I reserve the right to terminate a downline student/team member from any private course/training, group or community, at anytime, for any reason. Certification is not guaranteed (you must pass with an 80% or higher), and a new team member must apply and be accepted by Aly or by one of the team members personally, in order to gain access to our courses and training programs. In other words, if I or my team leader that you are applying under doesn’t believe that you are a good fit for our courses, community, or team culture, we are not required to grant you access or continued access to our team site or any of our private team training or intellectual material, regardless if you have joined our Doterra down line.
The $35 (plus shipping) that you spend to join Doterra under us purchases your Doterra membership as a Wellness Advocate, making you a Doterra Wholesale Member, which is entirely separate from anything I offer through Return to Avalon or through the Blossoms United training programs. Becoming a Blossoms United student/team member of our community and culture is a gifted privilege, not a right.
These terms are firm, and we reserve the right to edit these terms at any time, and protect our intellectual property, legal copyright, images and media, business model, team member privacy and free team education privileges.
– Candace


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